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Do you think you can survive a shipwreck? See if you float or sink in this event.

You will be given the role of famous scientist or a personification of something science-y stuck in a sinking ship. To make it out alive you will need a life jacket but the ship is all out of life jackets. Lucky for you, the captain declares the he'll give his life jacket to anyone for who deems themselves worthy. CAN YOU convinve the Captain in the most innovative way for 'Why you deserve the life jacket over everyone else in the ship'?


  1. Preparation time - 5 minutes
  2. Presentation time - 2.5 minutes
  3. Discussion time - 5-10 minutes
(Please note that the participants are allowed to look up information in the net in their designated 5 minutes of preperation time but this however does not guarantee higher scores in any way)

Registration Fees - None
Prize money - ₹ 1500

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In the vein of something truly science-y, test your ability to cook up to the most absurd, out-of-the-world hypotheses, given an everyday observation or two.


  1. 10 minutes preparation time.
  2. 5 minutes for presentation and questions.
  3. Arguments have to be specifically accurate
  4. Audience can also ask questions.

Registration Fees - None
Prize money - ₹ 1500

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Junkyard Wars

Use science as your glue to create something new,
make contraptions from junk that are pleasing to you!

In this event, participants make contaptions out of everyday junk objects that can fulfil a goal (for e.g. hold a certain of weight). The structure that reaches the mark most effectively using the least amount of useful and most amoust is uselss materials gets the prize.


No. of participants - 2
Duration - 1 hour

Registration Fees - ₹ 20/per team
Prize money - ₹ 1000

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Science Stand-up Comedy

Think you're funny? Pick any MAD topic even remotely Science-y (eg: A Scientific Beach Party) and try to make the judges laugh. Or unleash your set of nerd jokes and try to entertain the nerdy audience.

This is an event that gives a platform to show the funny and witty side of ours, but there’s a catch; it should be related to Science. The one who makes the judges laugh the most is for the win.


  • Performance Time - 1- mins
  • Just make people laugh
  • Try not to be too offensive/lame

Registration Fess - None
Prize money - ₹ 1000

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One is enough to make minds blow with insane moves and two can lift the energy of the entire audience. We know there are many dance enthusiasts out there. Dazzle us with your moves, shine in the spotlight and win exciting prizes.


  • Participants should bring their own music files in a pendrive in .mp3 format or mail to Sharvani Shintre ( by 2nd November, 2017.
  • Number of rounds - 1
  • Duet doesn’t necessarily mean a boy and a girl. So get your friend and register.
  • Time for each performance- 3 to 5 min
  • Participants need to be there and ready by 3:15pm
  • Stage- C.V. Raman auditorium
  • Props are allowed unless they are of harm to general public, in which case we will be rejecting it immediately. Mention the props during registration

Registration fees ₹ 50
1st Prize - ₹2000
2nd Prize - ₹ 1500

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Troupe Dance

Coordinated without losing individual uniqueness and beauty, troupe dances are the symbol of graceful collaboration! So gather your squad and show everyone the power of dance!


  • Props- Yes you are free to use any unless it is of harm to general public in which case we will be rejecting it.. Mention the prop when you register.
  • Music will be your own. Get it in pendrives on the day and mail it to Sharvani Shintre- by 2nd november
  • Each group needs to be there, ready, by 9:45am
  • Stage- Mainstage
  • Each performance can be of 4 to 6 min

Team size- 4-8 people per team
Registration fees ₹ 200 per group
1st Prize (per group) - ₹ 5000
2nd Prize (per group) - ₹ 2500

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Street Dance

Did you love the movie ‘Step Up’? Do you wish you could participate in a hip-hop dance face off and own the streets? Here’s your chance. Spontaneity in dance is electrifying and invigorating! If a famous peppy song can get you grooving, then you will surely own this stage.


  • Compete with 4-5 other participants in 3 rounds- first two 30 sec each, moving from one person to next and the last round ( 1 min) together!
  • The song will be given on the spot by us. (Don’t worry, I’m sure you know it if you are on this stage)
  • Your own style will be the best so no bound on that!
  • No props please
  • Stage-Outside the main building
  • You need to be there by 1:15pm

Registration fees ₹50 per person
1st Prize - ₹ 2000
2nd Prize - ₹ 1000
*If more than 6 teams participate, then no second prize will be given

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(October Heat)

A sordid crime's gone under and a poor soul stands dispatched to the underworld under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile the bumbling local force have drawn a blank in their investigation. So it's upto you to don your trench coat, slip on your cap and play saviour. Featuring the armchair detective in its finest iteration, interrogate a whole menagerie of witnesses and suspects, unearth evidence, and review and counter-review dozens of facts as you sleuth your way towards unravelling the web of deceit that encompasses the truth. The game's afoot!

Registration: Closed
Registration fees ₹ 20 per head
1st Prize - ₹ 2000
2nd Prize - ₹ 1000

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Poetry Slam

(Whirlwind Poetry)

Welcome to a contest, first of its kind
Take out your pens and use your mind
Enter the world of poetry and verse
Long and flowery; or short and terse
Haikus or quatrains; or beautiful sonnets
Elegies, odes, ballads or couplets
Free verse, blank verse, metre and rhyme
All within the confines of time.
Write about any theme of your choice
But you must recite it in a clear expressive voice
Thoughts conceived in solitude are lovely and deep
But you have the promise of poetry to keep
And miles to go before you sleep
And miles to go before you sleep.


  • Poems that may be recited must be written in English.
  • Poetry submitted should be original.
  • Poems eligible for submission may deal with any theme, in any creative style whatsoever.
  • Recital of poems submitted must last be shorter than 5 minutes.

Registration: Open to all
No registration fee.
1st Prize - ₹ 1000

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(Comedy of Errors)

JAM - or Just A Minute - is an event inspired by the eponymous BBC Radio 4 show, where six contestants have to speak for a combined total of a minute, "without hesitation, repetition or deviation". Designed to test the contestants' wit and ability to think on their feet, the frenzied race to seize the mic ensures that much hilarity and entertainment ensues.

Registration: Open to all
Registration fees ₹ 20 per head.
Prixes worth ₹ 500 to be won.

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Comic Strip

Wield your pencil and bring out your inner R. K Laxman. Express your creativity through a humorous comic strip or cartoon or a satirical parody and win exciting prizes.


  • Team size- Solo
  • No. of rounds- 1
  • Medium: Pen/Pencil
  • Participants are required to bring their own pens, sketch pens, etc.
  • Materials Provided: Paper
  • Materials to be brought: Pen, Pencils, erasers, sharpeners
  • Time limit: 1.5 hrs
  • Theme to be provided on the spot
  • No references are allowed to be carried by the participants.
  • Any explicit/inappropriate content shall lead to straight disqualification.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Registration: Open to all
Registration fees ₹ 50 per head.
Participants are required to bring their own pens, sketch pens, etc.
1st Prize - ₹ 1000

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Face Painting

Let your friend’s face be your canvas. Bring out all your ‘crazy’ and make your friend look unique! Do not miss this opportunity to humiliate your friend.


  • Participants are required to bring a volunteer with them on whose face they will paint.
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • No. of rounds- 1
  • Participants should bring their own acrylic paints, brushes, palettes
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Participants are advised to come 15 minutes prior to competition.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Participants are required to bring a volunteer with them on whose face they will paint and their own acrylic paints.
No registratin fees.
1st Prize - ₹ 1500

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Rapid Fire

Ever felt like everyday objects look too boring? Then this is just the right competition for you. We want you to give your own artistic twist to objects like plastic bottles, tetra-packs, pizza boxes, ice cream sticks and paper cups. More the number of objects you use creatively, higher is your chance of winning.


  • Participate in teams of 2.
  • No. of rounds- 1
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Participants are required to bring their own sketch pens, paint(poster colours, acrylic, tempera), brushes, palettes.
  • Participants are advised to come 15 minutes prior to competition.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Registration fees ₹ 50 per team.
Participants are required to bring their own sketch pens, paints (preferably acrylic).
1st Prize - ₹ 2000

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Here is your chance to paint anything and everything under the sun. Express yourself on the canvas and bring out your vivid imagination through a varied palette of colours.


  • Team size- solo
  • No. of rounds- 1
  • Time limit: 2 hours
  • Theme: To be provided on the spot.
  • Medium: Any
  • Participants are required to bring their own paints(any kind), brushes, etc. Only chart paper will be provided.
  • No references are allowed to be carried by the participants.
  • Any explicit/inappropriate content shall lead to straight disqualification.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Participants are required to bring their own paints(any kind), brushes, etc. Only chart paper will be provided.
Registration fees - none
1st Prize - ₹ 3000

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Meme Making

Do you love making memes? Have you browsed every page on Facebook and every subreddit on Reddit looking for memes? Here's your chance to prove that you are the best memer in town. Karavaan '17 brings to you MemeKing, the meme making competition.


  • Participants will be given 5 photos of which they have to choose one and make a meme on it.
  • The participants will be given the photos on 27th October 2017.
  • Then they have to post the photo on Facebook (with their own ID) as soon as they can with the following hashtags:-
    1. #Karavaan17
    2. #ASeasonalAdventure
    3. #MemeKing
  • Note that if you don't use any of the three hashtags, your meme will be disqualified.
  • The meme which gets the highest number of reactions on Facebook till 2nd November, 11:59 p.m. wins.
  • One participant can post only one meme.
  • There should not be any inappropriate/explicit content in the memes.
  • If the owners of the photos have any objection to any meme, then that meme will have to be taken down.

The last date for registration is 27th October 2017.

1st Prize - Free entry for two in both Comedy Night K'17 and Pronite K'17.
2nd Prize - Free entry for two in Pronite K'17.

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Junkyard Jamming

Ever played the drums on a desk? Plucked rubber bands to make your own brand of music? Did you ever think you’d get prizes for that crazy stuff?
Well, this is the place for all you musicians with weird ideas and even weirder instruments! At Junkyard Jamming, you can take your musical talent to the next level. Music without instruments! (not real ones at least) So find those rubber bands, pick up those spoons and plates and do your thing!


  • Please register in groups of 3 – 5 people each. No vocals allowed.
  • Each performance should not be more than 7 minutes long, including setup time.
  • This is ‘Junkyard’ jamming. So please don’t get cleverly disguised guitar strings. (Trust us, we’ll find out)

Registration fees - ₹ 50 per head
1st Prize - ₹ 4000

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Duet Singing

Here’s a chance to dazzle everyone with your musical genius! Find a partner, and come along to Duet Singing at Karavaan! So tune up those vocal chords and get any instrument you can play! Show off your musical talent to the world as you take the stage at the Duet Singing Competition here at Karavaan.


  • Only 2 singers are allowed. (I know what you’re thinking… ‘duh’, but we just want to make sure)
  • You are allowed to get along any instrument you can play (one or more than one). But, a 3rd instrumentalist is not allowed. Keep in mind that the emphasis is on vocals.
  • Please restrict your performance to the latter half of the twentieth century, if possible.
  • Each performance may last upto 5 minutes, including setup time.

Registration fees - ₹ 100 per team
1st Prize - ₹ 3000

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Tired of being pushed out of the limelight by that vocalist up front? Well, here at Karavaan, we give you the chance to take up centre-stage with the Indian Classical instrument of your choosing! We love all instruments, from the veena, to the santoor, to the flute.
So hurry up and register for Kacheri, and get the opportunity to show us all your musical talent.


  • Team size: Solo
  • Each entrant may be (not necessarily) accompanied by a percussionist. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, one of our musicians here at IISER will be more than happy to accompany you. Note, also, that percussion won’t be in the judgement criteria.
  • Each performance may last for upto 12 minutes, including set-up time.

Registration fees - ₹ 50
1st Prize - ₹ 2000

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Street Play

Showcase your vast array of acting skills and have loads of fun this Karavaan by participating in IISER's very own Street Play Competition! Express yourselves and impress others by putting up a fresh and zingy skit.

  • You can use a dholak or any other percussion instruments.
  • The street play should not be abusive.
  • It is not mandatory to follow a uniform dressing code for the group.

Team size-6-20 members per team
Registration fees- ₹ 500 per team
1st prize - ₹ 5000
2nd prize- ₹ 3000

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Marathon of Drama

Come for the greatest drama event ever. Three competitions will occur in succession. You can participate in any of the three following competitions. The more competitions you participate in, the more points you get.

We recommend that you participate in all three competitions.

Team size - 4-5 members per team.
Registration fees- Rs.100 (For all 3 events together)
Prize money - ₹ 2000

  1. Mad Ads

    Come up with creative and crazy ways to advertise the products given to you! Remember there are extra points for 'mad' thinking! (The Science Club wanted to collaborate with us on this one, so we'll talk to them and finalise this with you). You must use your creativity to advertise unconventional things.

  2. Improvisational Acts

    This competition requires you to perform short improvisational acts on the topics given to you.

  3. Channel Surfing

    Use your imagination and act out the events that unfold on the TV screen while one surfs the television. Each team will be given one additional opportunity where if the team is not able to decide on what to act now they can perform an advertisement.

A five minute gap will be given to discuss what the group wants to perform. This is an instantaneous exercise and no preparation time will be given.

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  1. Dumb Charades

    Are you a passionate movie buff? Do you love to entertain your friends with your mimicry of others? Then grab this chance to enjoy yourselves at the classic game of Dumb Charades and win exciting prizes!

    This will not be limited to movies but will also include other activities like imitating celebrities.

    4-5 members per group
    Registration fees - None
    Prize money- ₹ 100

  2. Voice over

    Lend your voice for a mute movie scene. Use your acting skills to make the scene funny or emotional and give your unique spin on it to make it memorable. The clips will be shown to the group beforehand and the group will be given a short amount of time to discuss how they want to dub the scene.

    3-5 members per group
    Registration fees - None
    Prize money- ₹ 300

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A Quiz has no bound
Try your hand, play for the crown
Make your fingers count

Ain’t that vague? Then again, not all need be known to you. Sometimes, it’s better to sit back and expect the unexpected. So get ready, have fun and remember, audentes Fortuna iuvat ;)

Saturday, 4th November 2017
Open to all
Teams of 2
Registration fees: ₹100/team
Prelims: 10:15 am – 12:30 pm
Finals: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Prize Money: Worth ₹ 11,000/- Venue: Prelims - LHC 103
Finals - CV Raman Auditorium

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Karavaan is the annual science, cultural, and social fest of IISER Pune. Born in 2008 as a small intra-college festival, it has grown with each edition and has now matured into something far greater, with more than 3000 students from colleges all across Pune participating in K'16.

The 10th edition of Karavaan is scheduled to occur on 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, 2017. These three days will be sprawling with a plethora of competitions and activities spanning areas like music, dance, photography, science, quizzing, drama, literary, and general tomfoolery. Eminent personalities from all over India from niche fields will also be invited to join us in a number of much-awaited talk series and workshops on a variety of subjects on the days leading up to, as well as during Karavaan. The theme for this year, Seasons, will in no small measure, leave a mark on the minds of everyone who joins us for the fest that is Karavaan.

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