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Karavaan is the annual science, cultural, and social fest of IISER Pune. Born in 2008 as a small intra-college festival, it has grown with each edition and has now matured into something far greater, with more than 3000 students from colleges all across Pune participating in K'16.

The 10th edition of Karavaan is scheduled to occur on 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, 2017. These three days will be sprawling with a plethora of competitions and activities spanning areas like music, dance, photography, science, quizzing, drama, literary, and general tomfoolery. Eminent personalities from all over India from niche fields will also be invited to join us in a number of much-awaited talk series and workshops on a variety of subjects on the days leading up to, as well as during Karavaan. The theme for this year, Seasons, will in no small measure, leave a mark on the minds of everyone who joins us for the fest that is Karavaan.


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